The Sprouts

I’m a first time Granny and I couldn’t be happier!!


These two cuties were the reason I started sewing and their beautiful boho chic mommy is the inspiration for the types of things I make. (For more on her chic lifestyle visit her blog @


I always knew I would love having grand kids and couldn’t wait until it happened. I just didn’t know how insanely crazy I would be about them.

Our son, Bo Daddy, and the Boho Mommy told us the exciting news that they were expecting during one of our weekly family dinners. Grandpa Sprout, our daughter (The Doc), and I were so happy. It wouldn’t be long before our joy doubled.


A few months after that initial announcement, with both Grandpa Sprout and The Doc out of town, Bo Daddy and Boho Mommy came by with their ultrasound pics. They put them down on the counter in front of me and just waited. I looked at them and just couldn’t get it. I finally realized there were two babies. I actually accused them of tricking me! I really thought they were playing a joke on me to see how I’d react. When I finally realized it was real, I cried. It was such a joyful moment. I feel so tremendously blessed. Of course, we had a Skype family call so everyone could hear the news. That was nearly two years ago and life hasn’t been the same since.


These two little sprouts are the joy of our lives. I wouldn’t trade my life for any other. I’m so thankful they and their parents are in our lives.